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Hair Cutting

  • Women's Haircut & Blowdry 75

    Shampoo, Haircut, and Blowdry.

  • Dry Cut 50

    Dry Cut Specialist will clean up all those split ends

  • Men's Haircut 50

    Haircut & Style.

  • Girl's Haircut & Blowdry 55

    Shampoo, Haircut, and Blowdry. Up to age 12

  • Kid's Haircut 30

    Haircut only

  • Bang Trim 20


Blow Dry Bar

  • Tipsy Signature Blowout 45

    Shampoo + Blowout

  • Tipsy Blowout + Style 65

    Shampoo + Blowout + Flatiron/Curl

  • Blowout + Blonde Brightener 85

    Shampoo + Blowdry + Blonde Brightner Mask Treatment to make your dull color look bright again

  • Blowout + Hydration Mask 85

    Shampoo + Blowdry + Hydration Mask

  • Blowout + Collagen Treatment 85

    Shampoo + Blowdry + a collagen infused mask that has a revitalizing effect on hair by revitalizing hair from the inside out. – Restoring and boosting collagen protein.

  • Blowout + Keratin X-Press Treatment 85

    Shampoo + Blowdry w/ Keratin X-press Helps with Humidity, Frizz, and Smoothing

  • Blowout + Clear Glaze For Shine 85

    Shampoo + Blowdry

  • Extensions? No problem 20

    Add to any blow out service adds 20 min

  • Men's Bro-out 35

    Men's blow-dry

  • Girl's Blowdry 40


Add On Hair Treatments

  • TeaCup Peacholine + Kombucha Detox Rinse 25

    Detox your locks! This light conditioning rinse removes harsh metals and pollutants from your hair, helps prevent color fade-out, and nourishes dry strands. Hair is left smooth, sealed, and protected.

  • Television Perfect Hair Masque 25

    Transform dry, styled and processed hair into camera-worthy perfection. This hair masque dramatically improves elasticity and manageability for all hair types while conditioning, deeply replenishing and fighting frizz.

  • On A Cloud Baobab Oil Masque 25

    Just like heaven. Indulge in decadent moisture while repairing your hair with this oil-infused treatment. The protein-rich, creamy formula renews damaged hair fibers and brings nourishment, strength and elasticity to your strands. Ultimate baobab oil-protein technology helps to rebuild bonds for healthy hair fibers inside and out.

  • Super Garden CBD Scalp Smoothing Concentrate 25

    Bathe troubled scalps in this ultra-moisturizing restorative treatment. Bringing both balance and hydration to irritated scalps, this pre-cleanser utilizes the powerful regenerative benefits of micro-nutrient-rich hemp-derived CBD while witch hazel clarifies and reduces inflammation. The scalp is left invigorated and the roots nourished, creating a healthy environment for strong, shiny hair. The self-care all scalps deserve

  • Gem Stone Color Locking Concentrate 25

    Hair color takes on the ultra-reflective, prismatic beauty of a gemstone with this color-locking in-salon treatment. Pro vitamins and oils provide intense hydration and protection against color-ravaging stressors. A clinically proven complex seals in color and moisture, extending your hair color’s vibrancy, dimension and shine for up to 10 washes. Your hair is left smooth, bouncy and beyond brilliant. The perfect end to a hair color service.

  • Bel Air Smoothing Concentrate 25

    Roughed-up hair cuticles receive a reparative makeover with this smoothing in-salon treatment. Managing to both smooth down rough patches on hair cuticles and penetrate deep into the hair fiber to deliver much needed moisture and nourishment, this lightweight formula banishes frizz in an instant. Hair becomes stronger, softer, silkier and smoother than ever. The ultimate frizz fighter for coarse, thick, unruly hair.

  • SunSet Blvd Blonde Concentrate 25

    Blonde, gray and white hair colors suffering from brassiness and dulling receive a light-reflecting revamp with this toning in-salon treatment. Color-correcting pigments lay down a brass-neutralizing—yet stain-free—lavender hue to boost overall brightness while halting future dulling and fading for up to 10 washes. The formula’s hydrating mix of vitamins, protein and botanicals enhances shine and elasticity as it protects your hair against yellowing due to UV rays. An instant toning refresh.

  • SubMarine Enzyme Exfoliating Shampoo 25

    Descend into deep detox. Silky, concentrated shampoo + beadless scalp exfoliator revitalizes hair with balanced hydration. Gently removes excess flakes, oils and build-up with naturally derived enzymes and fruit AHA’s.

  • Dallas Thickening Concentrate 25

    Treat fine or thinning hair to bigger, better, full-body texture with this thickening in-salon treatment. Lightweight so that it doesn’t deflate fine hair, this treatment increases strength while helping to prevent future thinning and breakage. Nourishing plant extracts revitalize your scalp to provide an optimal environment for hair growth. Inspired by Texas-style big hair, this service adds instant visual density to each of your hair strands for “bigger is better” results. The answer to limp

  • Atlantis Moisturizing Concentrate 25

    Quench dry, frizzy or over-processed hair with this intensely hydrating in-salon treatment. Reparative extracts deeply penetrate the hair fiber to drench strands in superior moisture, nutrients, strength and antioxidant protection. Your hair instantly feels more manageable, smooth and supple to the touch. A true antidote to heat styling.

  • GemStone Ultra Shine Glassing Treatment 25

    Hair color boasts mirror-like shine when hair is healthy and hydrated. This opalescent, rich creme formula provides deep hydration, enriches color and seals damaged cuticles so that hair reflects light like glass. Enjoy vibrant, fresh, salon-like color and super shiny hair that’s UV protected.

  • GemStone Pre-Shampoo Color Protect Masque 25

    Rescue compromised, color-processed strands with this nourishing pre-wash treatment. Designed to fortify, seal the cuticle and deliver soft shine, it’s infused with ChromoHance technology for vibrant, lasting color. The intuitive, lightweight foam instantly transforms into a soft cream that melts into the cuticle. It repairs and protects even the most compromised, porous areas of hair.

Color Services

Please note that pricing can vary for time, how much hair, and product used.

  • Root Retouch 85+

    Color on 1" or less of regrowth

  • All Over Color 125+

    1 single process color

  • Semi- Permanent Color 90+

    1 single process color

  • Platinum Bleach Root Touch-Up 160+

    "1/2 of regrowth

  • Platinum card 300+

    every single piece of hair in foils

  • Partial Highlight 125+
  • Full Highlight 155+
  • Root Retouch & Mini Foil 165+
  • Per Foil 10
  • Balayage/ Foilyage/ Ombré 200+
  • Color Melt 145+
  • Glaze 35+

Hair Extensions

Sew in weft, Tape in, I-tip, Micro Bead, and Keratin Fusion Bond. All Extension services require a consultation before booking.

  • Tape in Extensions 175+

    Install only depends on how many packs of hair. Consultation needed for cost of hair *price of hair not included*

  • Tape in Extensions Removal & Retape 200+

    Remove the extensions, retape hair, wash hair, and install hair back on head.

  • Tape In Extension Removal Only 150+

    Tape in extension removal only ( doesn't include shampoo/blowdry)

  • Bellami Sew-In Beaded Wefts 150 per row

    Install Only

  • Bellami Sew-In Beaded Wefts Removal & Re-Install 150 per row

    Install Only

  • Bellami Sew-In Beaded Wefts Move - Up 75 +5 per row

    Once in between Removal and Re-install at 6 week mark.

  • I-Tip Install $10 per strand

    Install Only *Not including Hair Cost* Will need a consultation to quote for hair

Mani/Pedi Combos

  • Classic Manicure & Pedicure 57
  • Gel Manicure & Classic Pedicure 70
  • Dip It & Classic Pedicure 77
  • Acrylic Service & Classic Pedicure 77

    Shape, length, and design not included in price.


  • Regular Polish Change (Feet) 16
  • Nail Design (Feet) 15+
  • Gel Polish Change (Feet) 26
  • Gel Add-On to any Pedicure (Feet) 20
  • Dazzle Dry Add-On to any Pedicure (Feet) 20
  • Paraffin Wax Add to any pedicure 20
  • Hot Stone Add to any pedicure 20
  • Classic Pedicure 32

    The essential pedicure that inlcudes a warm aromatic mineral soak, toe nail trimming, shaping, cuticle detailing, and finished with a stimulating hot towel, classic foot massage, and regular polish of your choice.

  • Bath Bomb Pedicure 38

    Experience this warm frizzy bath soak for your feet! This aromatic pedicure offers optional relaxation that will soften your skin and relax your muscles

  • Jelly Pedicure 40

    Upgrade your ordinary foot soak to a satisfying jelly bath that locks your feet in warmth. A special blend of ingredients delivers heat & aromatherapy to soothe and relieve tired & sore feet.

  • Cocktail Pedicure 45

    Cocktail Pedicure goes further with exfoliation and pampering includes: cutting and filing of nail and cuticle. Focus on callus removal and an exfoliating massage with our lavender or orange scrub and mask it will be to sure to leave your feet rejuvenated. The massage is followed by an aromatherapy hot towel.

  • Spa Pedicure 52

    Detoxifying pedicure helps ease the strain from everyday life includes, cutting and filing of nail and cuticle focusing on callus removal with natural citrus verbana. Exfoliating sugar scrub, hydrating mud mask massage, and massage followed by hot towels.

  • Spa Pedicure 55

    Detoxifying pedicure helps ease the strain from everyday life includes, cutting and filing of nail and cuticle focusing on callus removal with natural citrus verbana. Exfoliating sugar scrub, hydrating mud mask massage, and massage followed by hot towels.

  • Hot Stone Pedicure 65

    Pampering your feet with this pedicure not only keeps you looking good, but it also relieves stress and tight muscles, promoting an all over sense of well-being. A Hot stone pedicure uses heat therapy massage to soothe sore legs and feet muscles.

  • Tipsy Pedicure 75

    Vegan rejuvenating Pedicure relaxes the mind, body, and senses, with its liquid aroma diffuser, cuting and filing of nail and cuticle. Focus on callus removal with natural citrus verbena Hydrating mud mask massage is followed by intense mouisturizing parrafin wax to help smooth dry skin covered by a hot towel.

  • 24K Champagne Pedicure 100

    Relax & Rejuvenate as the bubbly flows with Exfoliating & Moisturizing benefits from the 24k Pedicure. You choose from our Vegan, Green Tea, Lavender, Cucumber, AROMA VAPOR & HOT STONE pedicure includes: Liquid aroma diffuser, cutting and filing of nail & cuticle. Focus on callus removal with natural citrus verbena. Exfoliating Sugar scrub , hydrating mud mask massage hot song massage followed by intense moisturizing parraffin wax to help smooth dry skin covered by a hot towel.


  • Classic Manicure 25
  • Dazzle Dry Manicure 38
  • Gel Manicures 38
  • Spa Manicure 40
  • Collagen Manicure 65
  • Gel Soak-Off Only 10
  • French Add-On 8
  • Nail Design Add-On 5+
  • Regular Polish Change (Hands) 15


  • Dip It 45
  • Dip It with Soak Off 50
  • Dip It with Tips 60
  • Dip It with Tips with Soak off 65
  • Dip It French 55
  • Dip It French with Soak Off 60
  • Dip It French with Tips 60
  • Dip It French with Tips with Soak Off 70
  • Dip It Ombre 60
  • Dip It Ombre with Soak Off 65
  • Dip It Ombre with Tips 70
  • Dip It Ombre with Tips with Soak Off 75
  • 10 min Add-On Massage 15
  • Manicure with Dip It 60
  • Manicure with Dip It with Soak Off 65
  • Manicure with Dip It with Tips 70
  • Manicure with Dip It with Tips with Soak Off 75
  • Dip Nail Repair 5
  • Dip Soak Off Only 15


  • Acrylic Full Set 45
  • Acrylic Fill 30
  • Acrylic Full Set with Gel Polish 60
  • Acrylic Fill with Gel Polish 45
  • Pink & White Full Set 65
  • Pink & White Fill 40
  • Manicure with Acrylic Full Set 65
  • Manicure with Acrylic Fill with gel polish 30
  • Acrylic Nail Repair 5
  • Acrylic Soak-Off Only 15
  • Acrylic Shape Style (Coffin/Almond/Stilleto) 8


  • Gel X Full Set 65
  • Gel X Fix 10
  • Gel X Full Set w/ Design 75
  • Gel X Full Set w/ Every Nail Design 95


  • Eyebrow Wax 18
  • Lip Wax 15
  • Chin Wax 15
  • Half Legs Wax 50
  • Full Legs Wax 70
  • Bikini Line 30
  • Full Bikini Wax 45
  • Brazilian Wax 65
  • Butt Wax 30
  • Stomach Strip Wax 18
  • Full stomach Wax 35
  • Lower Back Wax 25
  • Full Back Wax 70+
  • Chest Wax 40+
  • Half Arm Wax 28
  • Full Arm Wax 45
  • Armpits Wax 40
  • Full Face Wax 50
  • Side Burn Wax 18
  • Hairline Wax 18
  • Nose Wax 16


  • Lash Lift & Tint 110
  • Eyebrow Tint 25
  • Lash Tint 45
  • Lash Extension Removal 25
  • Classic lash extensions 175

    The simple, beautiful, natural-looking lash

  • Hybrid lash extensions 200

    The best of both worlds, volume and length

  • Volume Glam lash extensions 225

    The multiplied lash, fanned out for that customized look


  • Classic Full Face 90

  • Glam Full Face 110

  • Lash add on 15

  • Golden goddess AirBrush Make Up 115

  • Glam Airbrush Make Up 130

  • Add On Airbrush face painting, theoretical w jewels, custom paint 50

  • FX Airbrush Make Up Special Effects 115

Teeth Whitening

  • Teeth whitening 99


  • Signature 100

    The introductory facial where you have a face mapping analysis, get to know your skin type, and leave with your skin feeling its best! (60 min)

  • Vita C 120

    Vita C is best for hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and just an all over even complexion. (60 min)

  • Back 120

    Clears pores, treats breakouts, scarring and leaves you with a soft glowing back . (45 min)

  • Oxygen 175

    Improves blood circulation, increases collage production. Great for dry, aging or acne prone skin. (60 min)

  • Deep cleanse 120

    Deep cleanse is great for acne, full detox for the skin. Includes high frequency treatment. (60 min)

  • Anti-Aging 120

    Anti-Aging treats fine lines, and dull aged skin. Nourishes and moisturizes with peptides and our hyaluronic mask. (60 min)

  • Mini facial 55

    Need a quick pick-me-up for your skin, get that glow for date night! (30 min)

  • Yoni 45

    Add on to brazillian wax $25

  • Decollotte add on 75
  • Dermaplane 100

    Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin and gets rid of dirt and vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz.” With dermaplaning, they use a scalpel or a tool called a dermatome.

  • Brow Lamination 60

    Brow lamination involves the “perming” of your eyebrow hairs to provide a fuller, more even look.

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